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2024-2025 Volunteer Opportunities

Emergency Prep Chair:

Special Education Liaison:

Highly Capable Liaison:

Teacher Appreciation Week Chair:

Art Docents:


Opportunities for NSD Students:

Bingo Night:

Costume Dance:

Celebration of the World:


Northshore School District Annual Volunteer Application

Classroom (in-person or virtual) or on-campus volunteers must complete a background check (level 1) and submit your proof of vaccination through Safe Visitor Solutions. This background check is through the Washington State Patrol System which many of you are familiar with. All volunteers in Northshore are required to complete an online volunteer application for the 2022-23 school year, even if they submitted a volunteer application last year. It is also important to note that all volunteers will be expected to renew their volunteer application annually. 

*It is recommended that volunteers needing Level 1 background checks submit their applications at least a week before volunteering


Please read through the Northshore School District Volunteer Orientation

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