Interested in becoming an art docent at Kokanee Elementary?


What is the Art Docent Program?

The Art Docent Program began in 1969 with equal contributions from Instructional Materials and elementary principals' budgets and an unequal amount of volunteer hours. The program has flourished and continues to be a quality arts literacy enrichment program provided by volunteers for nearly all of Northshore elementary schools.


Volunteers are an important and consistent part of the elementary arts education program. Volunteers introduce children to the wonders of art appreciation by being an approving, challenging, guiding, questioning, and prompting visitor to the classroom each month. 

No two interpretations or dialogues of a shared experience by children are the same. Students soon learn that their creative ideas are valued and that there are no "right" or "wrong" answers. Everyone appreciates art for different reasons. 


Who can be an art docent?

Yes! Involvement by parents and community members contributes to a successful school experience and has a positive impact on student achievement. When caring adults participate in the education of children, students achieve better grades, have better attendance, complete homework, and show higher aspirations.


Will art docents be back in the classroom?

When everything shut down due to the pandemic, the district still wanted children to have access to art education, so they made the frameworks and lesson plans available online. It is a good way to look through the materials provided by the district.


We are hoping that as the pandemic and policies evolve it will be easier to have volunteers in the classrooms. Volunteers do not need to make their own lesson plans, and all training and supplies are provided by the PTA. We will create a sign-up genius in September that will allow volunteers to sign-up by teacher. A training will be held in late September.


Expectations for Art Docents

  • One year volunteer commitment to assigned class
  • Prepare a monthly framework to present to classroom from list of approved frameworks
  • All new art docents are asked attend the District Art Docent 101 Training
  • All art docents are encouraged to attend training yearly at their school or at the District
  • Art docents are asked to work with their school art docent coordinator to make sure all school based procedures are followed