The Kokanee PTA is proud to announce that WATCH D.O.G.S. are back at Kokanee Elementary!!!

What are Watch D.O.G.S., you ask?!  Watch DOGS is a national program whereby positive male role models, such as Kokanee dads, stepdads, uncles, neighbors, coaches come to Kokanee for a full or half-day, and spend time with not only their student(s), but other Kokanee kids in various grades and settings.

These "pawsome" (sorry!!!  haha!) volunteers interact with kids of all ages at recess and in classroom/pod settings, enhance security on campus, by walking the grounds, and assist with welcoming kids in the morning.  

What does it take to be a Watch DOG?  You must complete the volunteer application on the NSD website and be approved, which includes a background check.  You must also show proof of being fully vaccinated.


Some Watch DOGS like to spend time with kids at recess-only, and that is GREAT!  We can adjust your schedule to accommodate that, just let the coordinator know.  To be clear, though, Watch DOGS is NOT a program where you spend the entire day with your student(s).  The point of the program is to engage with all kinds of kids during your time at Kokanee.  We will do our best to schedule time with your student(s) at lunch and recess, as well as classroom/pod time.  If you have specific preferences for the time you come and/or other requests, please email the Kokanee Watch DOGS Coordinator, Sarah Kosenski, at  We can accommodate almost any time period that you can make it, within the school day.  A schedule is created one week in advance of your arrival, so that staff are ready!

If you want more information, you can email the Kokanee Elementary Watch DOGS Coordinator, Sarah Kosenski, with any questions or concerns,  The calendar is ready, if you are already approved to volunteer by NSD, and ready to sign up!  


Kokanee Sign Up


Thank you to our members, families, and, donors!

Your support helps us provide grants for our wonderful school! Check out the new additions to the 5th grade classrooms. These graphic novels will be enjoyed by 5th grade Kodiaks in their book clubs this year! 

Check out the buckets we were able to grant the music room. Your Kokanee Kodiaks use these buckets for drumming practice!

Community Serve Day

A BIG thank you to Eastside Church and everyone who helped on Community Serve Day! With 98 volunteers, we were able to complete all our tasks including freshening up the playground, weeding and mulching many areas around the school, and putting together 700 first day packets. WOW! The Kokanee campus looks fantastic and ready for a great year!

Flag Refresh Fundraiser

Thank you for all your support! The flag refresh fundraiser raised $1,300 to replace our flags at Kokanee Elementary. The Kokanee family is made up of students from all around the world, and we’re excited to once again display that diversity visually in our courtyard.

We couldn't have done it without our wonderful community! Thank you so much!

Thank you to our members, families, and, donors!

Your support helps us provide grants for our wonderful school! Check out the new additions to your Kokanee library!

Thank you for the PTA Grant to purchase new biographies and stories featuring characters with autism! We have them ready for check out by students and staff! Kokanee readers appreciate your generosity! ~Mrs. McKnight