Math Challenge

Math Challenge is a free school-wide math enrichment program open to all Kokanee Elementary students. It consists of a series of challenging and interesting math problems. The program provides 15 sets of challenges throughout the school year; each set is published every other week starting in late September and ending in May.

How does the program work?

The program provides 15 challenges throughout the school year. These math challenges cover problem solving strategies such as drawing a picture or model, making an organized list, looking for patterns, working backwards, and guess and check.

Each challenge presents 10 to 18 problems ordered by level of difficulty, which enables students from various grades to participate in the same challenge. It’s done this way so that it is available uniformly to all students, including those who are currently solving higher-than-grade problems. The minimum number of questions to answer for qualification, however, varies by grade level.

Challenges will be released online, on, from late September / early October through May, every 2 weeks (on average). Solutions will be released, on the same website, 2 weeks after the challenge, along with the questions for the next challenge.

How to participate?

Access the current challenge by accessing the links below for the applicable date (or click this link: Current Math Challenge).

  • There are 15 challenges each school year. Each challenge will be released on a Friday. You have until the next challenge date to complete it (normally 2 weeks).
  • The solutions will be released along with the next challenge.
  • Parents will grade the challenge using the solution released
  • All students who participate will be recognized on our Math Challenge “Wall of Fame”.
  • All students who participate in 12 or more challenges will receive a certificate at the end of the year.
    Contact Math Challenge Chairperson, BalaPrasath Rajan at, with any questions.

Participation Tracker

An online form will be used to track participation. Parents will correct the challenge using the solution released and submit results by filling out Math Challenge Participation Tracker.


Opportunity to compete and earn medals! ​
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